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Suicide in Ohio and the Work of the OSPF Tony Coder Executive Director of NAMI Ohio’s Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation Jun 12, 2019
Chronic Clinical Depression and Beyond Eric McKee Executive Director, NAMI Hancock County Apr 26, 2019
Working with Students in Suicide Prevention” Krystal Hernandez Psychologist at Ohio University’s Psychological and Counseling Service Center Mar 16, 2015
Struggles with mental illness and working to help peers Sarah Spitz President of Active Minds, Emory University Feb 2, 2015
Suicide and suicide prevention Dr Paul Granello Author, Practitioner and OSU Professor of Counselor Education Nov/Dec 2012
Depression, suicide, and suicide prevention Mary Schreck Local speaker for the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program Sep 10, 2010
Suicide, suicide prevention, suicide survival Dr Paula Clayton Medical Director of the American Foundation on Suicide Prevention Feb 22, 2010
Bipolar disorder and suicide prevention Kevin Hines Survivor of a suicide jump off the Golden Gate Bridge Sep 18, 2009
Depression and suicide Mary Schreck Local speaker for the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program Mar 29, 2009
Depression and suicide Dr Ellen Anderson Consultant to the Ohio Department of Mental Health Dec 28, 2008
A brother’s suicide and raising campus awareness of mental illness Alison Malmon Founder and director of Active Minds, a Washington based group that promotes the creation of campus groups to help students with mental illness Jun 24, 2007