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A Family Guide to Mental Illness and the Law: A Practical Handbook Dr. Linda Tashbook Adjunct Professor of Law and Law Librarian at the University of Pittsburgh Law School, on her book, A Family Guide to Mental Illness and the Law: A Practical Handbook. Jul 23, 2019
Special Docket Court for Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Judge Todd Grace Athens Municipal Court Jun 13, 2019
The Role of Special Docket Courts in Helping Rather than Jailing Certain Types of Offenders Judge Joyce Campbell Fairfield Municipal Court Oct 1, 2018
Kansas City’s Approach to Helping Folks with Mental Illness Sgt. Sean Hess Kansas City Police Department May 10, 2018
Special Docket Veterans’ Court Designed to Rehabilitate Veterans Who Have Run Afoul of the Law Judge George McCarthy Athens Common Pleas Court, Athens, Ohio Dec 28, 2016
A program to help rather than criminalize persons with mental illness Judge Steven Leifman Eleventh Judicial Circuit, Dade County, Florida (view article in the Atlantic) Nov 30, 2015
The Malaby Bill to Make Mental Health (CIT) Training Obligatory for Most Maine Police Departments Rep. Richard Malaby Member of the Maine Legislature Mar 16, 2015
The sad state of mental health services in this country and the RC’s work to rehabilitate rather than jail the mentally ill Leon Evans Founder of the Restoration Center in San Antonio, Texas Feb 16, 2015
The trauma of war, returning home, PTSD, running afoul of the law, Veteran’s Court and beyond Nicolas Stefanovic Judicial Assessment Specialist for the Rochester Treatment Courts Dec 8, 2013
Running a Veteran’s Court to help former soldiers afflicted by the invisible wounds of war Robert Milich Youngstown, OH Municipal Court Judge Nov/Dec 2012
A journey from the trauma of war, to stateside life with untreated PTSD, to Judge Milich’s Veteran’s Court, to recovery and a new ministry Curtis Minnifield Vietnam Vet and Elder of a Pentecostal Church in California Nov/Dec 2012
Efforts to Promote Special Docket Courts for Offenders with Brain Disorders (most recently Veterans Court for brain wounded soldiers) Evelyn Lundberg Stratton Ohio Supreme Court Justice June 24, 2012
Ohio’s new mental health asylums: Its jails and prison Jeremy Tolson Warden of the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail and member of the Southeast Ohio Jail Diversion Advisory board Mar 30, 2011
America’s Failure to Treat Its Mentally IllWatch Dr Torrey on 60 minutes Dr E Fuller Torrey Founder of the Treatment Advocacy CenterMore information is available here: Treatment Advocacy Center Mar 25, 2012
TAC’s report: More Mentally Ill Persons are in Prisons than in Hospitals:  A Survey of the States Jim Pavle Executive Director of the Treatment Advocacy Center (Arlington, VA) Nov 28, 2010
Veterans’ Court as a way of helping PTSD veterans in trouble with the lawSee also a related NBC News Segment:forWindows Media Player (wmv)for Quick Time (mp4) Judge Robert Russell Member of the pioneering Buffalo Veterans’ Treatment Court May 23, 2010
The mentally ill in our country’s prisons Lee Baca Sheriff, Los Angeles County Oct 26, 2008
The birth and current status of Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) Major Sam Cochran Coordinator, Memphis Police Services Crisis Intervention Team Sep 28, 2008
Mental illness: Crime and punishment Dr. Faye Sultan Forensic Psychologist and Novelist Dec 9, 2007
Dual career experience of a police officer and psychologist David Malawista Police officer and psychologist in Athens Jul 22, 2007
Mental health and SAMI courts Judge William Grim and Sherri Crock Athens County Municipal Court Judge (Grim) and TCMHS SAMI/Mental Health Court Coordinator (Crock) Apr 26, 2006
Jail Diversion, Crisis Intervention Training, and SAMI courts Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Stratton The mother of a daughter with a mental illness, Judge Stratton has made pioneering efforts to have Ohio’s Criminal Justice System accommodate itself to the special needs of the mentally ill. Not only has she promoted “Jail Diversion” Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) for law enforcement officers, but she has also been active in encouraging communities all over the state to set up Mental Health Courts and Substance Abuse and Mental Illness (SAMI) Courts. Athens, now has both types of courts as well as yearly CIT courses for police. Mar 29, 2006
Training police for CIT/Jail Diversion David Malawista, and Diane Pfaff Police officer and psychologist (Malawista) and social worker and planner for alcohol, drug addiction and mental health board for Athens, Hocking, and Vinton Counties Oct 27, 2004