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The sad state of mental health services in this country and the RC’s work to rehabilitate rather than jail the mentally ill Leon Evans Founder of the Restoration Center in San Antonio, Texas Feb 16, 2015
The Role of Clubhouses in the Lives of Persons in Recovery from Mental Illness Lori D’Angelo Executive Director of Magnolia Clubhouse in Cleveland Nov 2, 2014
A son’s tragic struggle with schizophrenia, a mother’s experiences and activism, and Israeli mental health care Jill Sadowski Israeli mental health activist and author of David’s Story Jan 28, 2014
Coming out of the closet about having mental illness, anorexia, bulimia and bipolar, and being a working professional doing research into various aspects of mental illness Dr. Amy Watson Department of Social Work, University of Illinois at Chicago Dec 31, 2013
Lamp’s Work to provide housing and other services to the severely mentally ill of Los Angeles’ Skid Row Donna Gallup CEO of Lamp Community Nov 24, 2013
Discussing her book and the early history of the old former mental hospital on The Ridges in Athens, OH Katherine Ziff The author of Asylum on the Hill: History of a Healing Landscape Aug 25, 2013
Stigma towards persons with mental illness Dr. Patrick Corrigan Professor of Psychology at the Illinois Institute of Technology and Principal Investigator at National Consortium for Stigma Research May  26, 2013
Personal experience with clinical depression and the importance of housing for persons with mental illness Peg Morrison Communications & Development Manager of Neighborhood Properties, Inc. of Toledo Sep 23, 2012
Living with Schizophrenia and volunteering to help peers and the homeless Karen Evans Mental Health activist from Maine Aug 17, 2012
America’s Failure to Treat Its Mentally Ill. Watch Dr Torrey on 60 minutes Dr E Fuller Torrey Founder of the Treatment Advocacy CenterMore information is available here: Treatment Advocacy Center Mar 25, 2012
Supportive Housing for the Mentally Ill Lin Wilensky Co-founder of the Brain Foundation of FloridaMore information is available here: Brain Foundation of Florida Mar 9, 2012
The state of mental healthcare in the US and the role of assisted outpatient treatment Dr Marvin Swartz Head of the Division of Social and Community Psychiatry at the Duke University School of Medicine Jan 16, 2011
Working with the mentally ill since the 1940s Don Jones Methodist Minister and Art Therapist Sep 5, 2010
The hidden existence of an aunt in a mental institution Steve Luxenberg Washington Post Editor on his much-acclaimed book Annie’s Ghost: A Journey into a Family Secret Aug 29, 2010
The experience of working nine years at Bellvue’s psych ER Julie Holland, MD Author of:  Weekends at Bellvue:  Nine Years on the Night Shift of the Psych ER Jan 25, 2010
Housing and the mentally ill Terry Russell Former CEO of NAMI Ohio and current consultant with the Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association Jul 26, 2009
A father’s search through America’s mental health madness Pete Earley Author of Crazy: A Father’s Search Through America’s Mental Health Madness Mar 25, 2007