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Peer Support Organization, This Is My Brave Jennifer Marshall Recently Recovered From Bipolar 1 Disorder Jun 14, 2019
Being a Mother, Wife and NAMI Activist While Living with Bipolar I Tosha Maaks Mother, Wife and NAMI Activist Oct 3, 2018
Living with Bipolar 1 with Psychotic Features Yvonne Crist Actress, Wife, Mother, Athenian Feb 9, 2018
Bipolar Disorder: My Biggest Competitor; An Olympian’s Journey  with Mental Illnesss Dr. Amy Gamble Chair of NAMI West Virginia and author of  Bipolar Disorder: My Biggest Competitor; An Olympian’s Journey  with Mental Illness Oct 11, 2017
Life with Bipolar I and Work with Peers Lara Lawson Development Director, Recovery Point West, Virginia Sept 22, 2017
Hopewell Health Center’s First Episode Psychosis Program Tammy Stage and Lynette Peck work at Hopewell Health Center Sept 11, 2017
Surviving Bipolar Disorder and Working in Behalf of My Peers as a Comedian. Kevin “Squishy Man” Barber LSCSW, LCSW Jan 17, 2017
Being Part of a Family Plagued with Mental Illness and Suicide; Surviving Bipolar and Her own Attempted Suicide; and Going on to Sustain Recovery by Helping Peers. Annie Ruth Community Health Care Worker and Certified Residential Specialist, Integrated Health Care Team, Adult and Child Center, Indianapolis Dec 16, 2016
Managing Severe Bipolar Disorder, Staying Active, and Writing. Wendy Woodfield Mental Health Activist and Author of Moments in Time: 59 Short Stories Aug 24, 2016
What it is like to have and recover from Bipolar Disorder. Leif Gregersen Editor of SZ and Anchor magazines May 10, 2016
Helping veterans internalize stigma, and my own experience with bipolar disorder. Dr. Jennifer Boyd works at the San Francisco VA Mental Center and 2014 recipient of an American Psychological Association Presidential Citation Jan 22, 2016
Working on behalf of persons with mental illness and my struggle with bipolar disorder. Dr. Bruce Graunke worked in VA Mental Health Clinics and NAMI’s 2008 “Psychologist of the Year” Jan 5, 2016
Struggling with Bipolar Disorder, Recovery and NAMI Work with Peers Judith Walters Retired English as a second language teacher Dec 17, 2015
Bipolar disorder, recovery, and advocating for one’s peers Hakeem Rahim Founder of Live Breathe, LLC, a consultative agency focusing on mental health advocacy (hakeemrahim.com) Aug 21, 2015
Coming out of the closet about having mental illness, anorexia, bulimia and bipolar, and being a working professional doing research into various aspects of mental illness Dr. Amy Watson Department of Social Work, University of Illinois at Chicago Dec 31, 2013
Living with – and in spite of – Bipolar Disorder Gabe Howard Public Speaker and NAMI Activist Oct 27, 2013
Bipolar disorder, recovery, and helping her peers Lisa Marie Griffin NAMI Peer to Peer Mentor and President of The Ohio Center for Advocacy Training and Support Oct 14, 2012
A struggle with bipolar disorder and research into bipolar disorder in children Bridget Bailey OSU Doctoral Candidate in Social Work Jan 29, 2012
Living with and overcoming bipolar disorder Terri Cheney Author of New York Times best seller Manic: A Memoir (2008) and The Dark Side of Innocence: Growing Up BiPolar (2011) Sep 25, 2011
Activism and efforts to help a bipolar son Muffy Walker Psychiatric nurse, mother of a son with bipolar disorder, and founder of the International Bipolar Foundation Aug 12, 2011
Experience with, and recovery from, bipolar disorder Donna Lechleiter RN, Mentor in NAMI’s Peer-to-Peer course, and bipolar disorder survivor Jul 24, 2011
Living with bipolar disorder Col Owens Senior Attorney at the Legal Aid Society of Southwestern Ohio Mar 28, 2010
Living with bipolar disorder Damaris Abreu Teacher, poet, artist, mom, wife, and activist Jan 17, 2010
Living with bipolar disorder Eric Jennings Athens native, journalist and sportscaster Oct 25, 2009
Bipolar disorder and suicide prevention Kevin Hines Survivor of a suicide jump off the Golden Gate Bridge Sep 18, 2009
Surviving bipolar disorder Nancy Rosenfeld Literary Agent and Co-author of New Hope for People with Bipolar Disorder Apr 27, 2008
Living with bipolar disorder Dr. Jane Mountain Author of Beyond Bipolar: Seven Steps to Wellness Feb 24, 2008
Surviving both bipolar and borderline personality disorder Renee Kopache Coordinator of Wellness Management at the Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board May 27, 2007
Living with multiple diagnoses (bipolar and borderline personality) and re-entering the workforce Maureen Boals Recovery assistant, Columbiana Health and Recovery Services Nov 29, 2006
Surviving the manic episode of a loved one Judy Eron Author: What Goes Up: Surviving the Manic Episode of a Loved One Aug 30, 2006
Surviving bipolar disorder Sandy White Peer Support Specialist, Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare Jun 28, 2006
Surviving bipolar disorder George Staursky Author of: Goodbye Mom, my Bipolar Journey through Trauma, Tragedy, and Recovery Nov 30, 2005