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conf_room1Although NAMI holds about half of its regular meetings on the last Thursday of the month at Appalachian Health Care (100 Hospital Drive), for the last several years we’ve been having some of them at the Athens County Library (30 Home Street). There, NAMI and the Library co-sponsor important speakers. Usually CEUs are given to both social workers and Athens Public School teachers. You can find links to the speaker series below. We are very proud of them.

In the past, NAMI had reached the public by organizing biannual conferences on recovery featuring the wisdom and unique insight of persons in recovery from mental illnesses. Athens area mental health entities, the Athens Foundation , and schools/departments from both Ohio University and Hocking College contributed financially. The day long conferences drew audiences of between 125 and 150 comprised of recovered/recovering mentally ill, family members, health professionals, and students in various health service and counseling disciplines. CEU credit were given to professionals.

Following the 2009 conference, Professor Debra Doak, who had brought a good contingent of Washington State Community College School of Nursing Students and Faculty to the conference, commented in a letter to a conference organizer:

. . . the lives of all my students were changed that day (and mine as well).  I got a different    perspective . . . I want you to know, too, that the other WSCC instructor there, Carol McAuley,  was the speaker at our pinning ( . . . to a group different from the group that attended the NAMI conference); she talked to the graduates about the experience that day, particularly about Tammy and what Tammy said she needed from nurses (the kindness and compassion).  Carol challenged them all to be that nurse of whom Tammy spoke.  As I said before, the ripple effect of educating nurses is incredible . . . that combined with the ripple effect of those speakers that day is more far-reaching than I think we’ll ever know.”

Day-long conferences – which we may do again – and speakers series each have both drawbacks and merits. The drawback of both is high cost. (Donations to NAMI  are much appreciated). Conferences have the advantage of attracting large numbers of nursing students. But the usual five-event speaker series draws an even larger overall number and more mixed audiences

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