Witness Report for 2018 Outstanding CIT Officer

My family has always been grateful for the wonderful Athens Police Dept. in our little city that presents some pretty complex challenges.

But never more so than on Jan. 2nd, 2018 when their excellence was evidenced by one especially caring officer, Officer Neal Dicken.

In the dark, cold early evening of Jan. 2nd, my husband and I heard someone screaming up and down the street. I went out to find a young woman, standing naked on her porch across the street from us. At this point, our wonderful renter from next door was alarmed and had come out too. When we tried to help, offering a coat and shoes, she refused and continued to scream, talk incoherently and was combative. We knew she was in crisis and needed additional help. I called the APD and requested the help of an officer w/ Crisis Intervention Training. In a matter of moments, Officer Neal Dicken arrived on the scene. Officer DIcken was so calm and responsive to her. He was the definition of skillful compassion in action. After interacting with her calmly and empathetically, the young woman put on the coat and allowed Officer Dicken and our renter, Ryan to lead her to the cruiser where Officer Dicken was able to transport her to receive help.

Our thanks go to you, Officer Dicken. What a wonderful example of what a good heart pared w/ good training can accomplish.


Christine Miles