There are many very good resources on schizophrenia:

Blueprint for Recovery

Milt Greek, diagnosed with schizophrenia in the 1980s, has used his experience to develop this unique resource: A website to share his valuable, first-hand knowledge about techniques to work with persons in psychosis, and move them into recovery.  You can also listen to a great lecture by Milt, by clicking HERE (this lecture is online courtesy of the Ohio Criminal Justice Coordinating Center of Excellence website) .

Choices in Recovery

A helpful documentary: Living with Schizophrenia: A Call for Hope and Recovery

SZ Magazine

Edited by Bill McPhee, a Canadian who is himself a survivor of schizophrenia, this journal is simply loaded with great interviews and information.

A fine web site!

MDJunction’s Schizophrenia Support Group

A very good on-line support group for consumers and family members.

Conversations from Studio B

Finally, we urge you to visit Conversations from Studio B, to listen to some of our many interviews on schizophrenia.  Many of the interviews are with very inspiring survivors of schizophrenia.

You can also view a short and informative video clip of two identical twins (one with schizophrenia), who were interviewed for Studio B by clicking this link: Descending into Delusion.