" /> 2019 Speaker Series – Eric D. McKee |

2019 Speaker Series – Eric D. McKee

Date(s) – 09/19/2019
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Athens County Library

Eric MckeeWe all suffer the blues or depression from time to time, but the mental disorder clinical depression is long-lasting, deep, and life-disrupting. Now 55, Eric McKee was hit three decades ago with a form of chronic clinical depression which appears to be very treatment resistant. Medication, talk therapy – even electro convulsive therapy – have proven ineffective. Nevertheless, Eric is a fighter. He completed his bachelor’s degree albeit in eight years, has held several jobs and is happily married. Though his depression is a central problem in his life, he is determined to make the best of things. He joined the NAMI Ohio Board of Directors in 2007 and, in 2017, became the Executive Director of NAMI Hamilton County in Findley. He gives many lectures and feels that, “… if it gets to one person… It makes everything worth it.” For a preview of his talk, listen to his NAMI interview here.

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