The Kroger Community Rewards Program

If you shop at Kroger and have not yet registered for the Community Rewards program please consider doing so for NAMI Athens. Kroger donates money to your favorite non-profit organization through this program.

At absolutely no extra cost to the shopper, Kroger will donate a percentage of what you spend to NAMI Athens (learn more here).  NAMI Athens receives between $70 and $80 per year per registered card. Recently we have been receiving totals between $5,000 and $6,000 per year from the Community Rewards program.

Our super webmaster Bob Conatser has made a set of NAMI Athens-user-friendly instructions on how to register (or re-register every April).  You can access them by clicking on the Kroger logo below.  We’d surely appreciate it if you would take a minute or so to simply print the instructions and follow them as you proceed through the registration process. If you do register or re-register, let NAMI Kroger honcho Tom Walker ( know so he can put your name on a list of people to remind in April when it comes time to renew.

Register NOW (or renew an existing registration) by clicking here, and following the instructions.

The instructions provide direction for negotiating the registration process at  Note that our organization name is NAMI Athens, and our Non-Profit Organization (NPO) number is 81774.

Your participation is important.  As noted above, this program helps us pay for various activities:

  1. Training Police: Each year, our local CIT Committee, of which NAMI is a part, runs a five-day Crisis Intervention Training program to teach SE Ohio law enforcement officer to recognize “offenders” in mental health crises and take them for help rather than to jail. As of 2014, 310 officers  had earned their CIT pins. Lives have been saved and many persons have been helped on the road to recovery. Our role in CIT training is two-fold. We arrange for speakers and panels which give the trainees an opportunity to hear from recovered consumers and from family members. Second, NAMI Athens and NAMI Ohio provide a substantial part of the funding.
  2. NAMI Courses: Unlike most NAMI affiliates, we now can afford to offer all three of the great multi-week NAMI courses for family members and persons in recovery. The Kroger money helps a lot.
  3. The Ridges Cemeteries Project: Though we get good support from the ODMH for our stigma-busting project to renovate the old Mental Hospital Cemeteries on the Ridges and to improve the Nature Walk between them, we’ve been able to do even more – thanks to the Kroger money – than would otherwise have been possible.
  4. The NAMI Recovery Conferences and Speakers Series:  Until 2009, every other year, NAMI ran day long conferences on “Recovery and Hope: Consumer and Family Perspectives on Mental Illness.” Each conference cost over $7,000 to run – most of which came from local university/college and mental health co-sponsors.  Attracting  up to 170 attendees including many nurses and other professionals in training, they were well worth the money. Following the last one, however, we were told by many of the co-sponsors that, because of fiscal problems, such funding would not likely be forthcoming in the foreseeable future. The Kroger money, however, is now allowing us to sponsor a less expensive NAMI Speakers Series. Taking place in the Athens Public Library, on certain last Thursdays, the series features major speakers – usually consumers – from outside the region and thus achieves some of the purpose of the conferences.