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Memorial Day 2019 at the Ridges: Another Stigma-Buster

June 3, 2019 No Comments »

The latest Memorial Day Ceremony at the Ridges Mental Hospital Cemeteries was very moving. Read more . Read More »

CIT Training 2019

November 27, 2017 No Comments »

This November, NAMI Athens was involved in yet another successful Crisis Intervention Training week for police and other first responders.   More Read More »

Adam-Amanda Rehabilitation Center

June 1, 2017 No Comments »

Athens to lead the State with prototype post-hospitalization rehabilitation facility, the Adam-Amanda Rehabilitation Center. More Read More »

2020 Speaker Series

February 22, 2017 No Comments »

Once again NAMI will have some important speakers in 2020. More . Read More »

Important new techniques to prevent schizophrenia and treat previously untreatable forms of depression

August 26, 2016 No Comments »

In recent years, some very innovative research has led to remarkable new – and relatively simple techniques – to deal with two major disorders. First, very important to prospective parents who either suffer from or... Read More Read More »