About NAMI | Athens, Ohio

NAMI Athens is a private, family-based organization with two primary purposes: To advocate for and promote the recovery of people with mental illness and to provide information and support to their families.

Most of our members have loved ones with mental illness. We know how it is to find oneself coping with and trying to help a family member who is suddenly severely psychotic, grandiose, depressed, or otherwise oddly dysfunctional. We have experienced the confusion, pain, unnecessary guilt, and utter helplessness that come in such times. We have found support, crucial information, and useful strategies through NAMI and we invite you to do the same.

With free courses, conferences, and monthly meetings, NAMI can give you information to help you understand and cope with mental illness. We can direct you to the help you want in times of crisis and the support that both you and your loved one need on the road to his or her recovery. With modern medicine, information, and the support of family, there is hope for full recovery!

The People of NAMI

NAMI-Athens is composed mainly of folks in the Athens area whose families have been touched by mental illness. We have come together to help each other and our community.

NAMI-Athens Board Members – July 2019

Adrienne Nagy, President

Ruth Russell, Vice-President

Shaila Lias, Secretary

Jodie Lucas, Treasurer

Rhonda Cox, Board

Andrea Frohne, Board

Marilyn Hacquard,

Christine Lawson, Board

Leigh Ann Maio, Board

Anne Walker, Board

Tom Walker, Board

Non-board Members

Greg Polzer, Board Advisor

Tina Trimmer, Executive Director

Other NAMI organizations

The national NAMI website has extensive info on brain disorders, “stigma busting” actions, and more.

NAMI-Ohio, based in Columbus is also an excellent resource for information, news, and advocacy actions most relevant to Ohioans.