We are an organization comprised of families and consumers facing similar challenges. Find out more about the resources we have available.
We organize or work with other organizations to carry out a number of special projects in the region.
NAMI-Athens is composed mainly of folks in the Athens area whose families have been touched by mental illness. We have come together to help each other and our community.
Support Group Every 1st and 3rd Thursday 11/01/2018 - 12/10/2026

Fall Family to Family Course 09/10/2019 - 10/08/2019


Another Memorial Day Stigma Buster on the Ridges

For over a decade, The Ridges Cemeteries Committee and NAMI Athens have been organizing Memorial Day Ceremonies at the old Mental Hospital cemeteries at the Ridges. As always, the primary objective has been to fight… Read More

CIT Training 2018

This November, NAMI Athens was involved in yet another successful Crisis Intervention Training week for police and other first responders.   More

Adam-Amanda Rehabilitation Center

Athens to lead the State with prototype post-hospitalization rehabilitation facility, the Adam-Amanda Rehabilitation Center. More

2019 Speaker Series

Once again NAMI will have some important speakers in 2019. More .

Important new techniques to prevent schizophrenia and treat previously untreatable forms of depression

In the last year, some very innovative research has led to remarkable new – and relatively simple techniques – to deal with two major disorders. First, very important to prospective parents who either suffer from… Read More